’tis the season… for updates :P

’tis the season… for updates :P

Seems I prefer the making to the recording! I’ve been very busy with all kinds of new pieces over the Fall and Winter 2019-20 but none have made it to the website yet!

So, here’s a snippet of this years works with more to come. My menagerie continues to grow with lots of dramatic dragons inspired by GOT, seals from looking out the window at Aspotogan (Mi’kmaq for where the seals come in and go out), the ever favourite foxes utilizing colourful vintage men’s plaid scarves.

I’ve also really been enjoying using resists to create seamless pieces, like my one piece “Peas on Earth” cowl with 3D pea pods on vintage acid green silk and “SuperHero” , a reversible cowl with lightening bolt cutouts revealing the neon coloured sari silk underneath.

This season also saw a lot of felt lace, using the amazing self healing properties of wool to create delicate patterns of different shapes and holes.

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