I hear this question all the time when folks first discover my table at the market…. Ohhhh, what is this??!!

It’s nuno felt… huh?

My work is the combination of recycled textiles and wool fibres through the ancient art of nuno felting. Similar to when you throw a nice sweater in the dryer (argh!), wool fibres are laid in a pattern on natural textiles and the addition of soap and agitation causes the wool to bind to the fabric and shrink it all together to create felt.

I use local products- treasures from thrift shops and yard sales, handpainted wool roving and yummy handmade soaps. My products range from tiny bits and bobs to luxurious wraps to fantastical rugs. Each product is unique based on the vintage textiles, colourful fibres, embellishments and how they all come together to create the piece.

Custom work: I can also make you a one of a kind piece from a favourite textile… grandmas silk scarf, fabric from overseas travels… the options are unlimited provided the fabric is natural and of a weave that can be felted into or is itself felt-able (wool!).

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