It’s getting colder and the creative juices are flowing


It’s getting to be market time again 🙂


I just sent in an order for new roving from HandMaiden (Fleece Artist) and am looking forward to being inspired by their amazing colourways. I’ve also ordered some natural roving to dye with my new natural dye kit. I’ve been experimenting over the summer with the lovely plant based dyes from Blue Castle Fibre Arts ( No white fabric in my house has escaped unscathed and there was a whole lot of excited “what are you cooking”??… oh 😦 .

The first tests have  produced some amazing colours on my Cotswold rovings from a lovely little ewe called “Sweet Pea”, who lives in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia. I’ll post some pictures of all the lovely yellows/oranges (turmeric), greeny/grey (alkanet, madder & indigo), reds/peach (madder & soapnut), forest green (tumeric & indigo) and turquoise (indigo & golden shower bark). I can’t wait to see how these colours looks on the merino sliver from Hand Maiden…. stay tuned.

New website, new inspiration :)


While folks are digging into their summer garb, I find myself wanting to dig into my treasure trove and try to capture the crystal clear colours of this brightening landscape. So while market days may be on hiatus for beach days, I want to keep working on my felting… maybe it’s time to build that line of art pieces and housewares??? Rugs and wall-hangings, anyone? Stay tuned.