This little piggy’s off to market… The SeaPort Farmers Market ☺️


it’s that time of year again, I’m heading back to the Seaport this weekend for a full day of marketing on Saturday, come see me on the mezzanine, visitors are always welcome… Though you may want to hold off until my first coffee 😉 I’ve been busy making new pieces from my recent amazing local thrift store finds, see the picture for a sample of the incredible silks, velvet and hand-wovens I discovered… if only there was an emoticon for rubbing my hands together or maniacal laughter! I’ve also been thinking about how to setup my table this season, definitely want something colourful and fresh, have collected a few interesting display pieces over the winter. I’m also preparing for an upcoming huge show…. Stay tuned for the exciting details.

A sampling of recently discovered vintage treasures

A sampling of recently discovered vintage treasures

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